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        Jieyang of Guangdong Province Bao Xin the products factory of stainless steel greatly , lies in east Joe west industrial area of huge rock in Jieyang of Guangdong Province. It is a professional manufacturer producing stainless steel products. It is engaged in that our factory has one batch research, technician developing , designing , making it, the products are novel in design , quality is fashionable , various in style, comprehensive.
        Our factory depends on advanced production equipment and rich technical force, specialize in the high-middle-and-low grade coffee spoon of stainless steel, ice the custard , tea custard , soup custard , meal custard , various types of sugar tongs, ice tongs, wrap up inserting , towel inserting , lemon inserting , butter , two tooth fruit forks , three tooth fruit forks , condiment spoons , extending condiment spoon of the thickness , bar spoon , wine holding , saloon bar, shovel spoon of the thickness , 6-8cm connect with handle soup shell , soup and leak , mention an device , meal spoon . Cake shovel, divide into dish spoon , spiral shell insert , spiral shell fork, 2-10 set up. One ounce of shells, moon cake knife, fork, shovel,etc.
        Great variety of goods, quality is fine. Set up perfect marketing channel already since company develop, so as to " quality first, customer the highest " as enterprise's aim, welcome domestic and international old and new customers to patronize wholeheartedly, our company will offer perfect services to Your Excellency wholeheartedly with sincere attitude , advanced technology , fine equipment , high-quality service.


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The Baoxin cutlery collection blends
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